4. Here's a little poem to help you remember how tessellations are created.

Mathematically divide a space,

With shape or pattern, body or face,

Repeat it identically again and again,

And that's how you make a tessellation!

M.C. Escher, master artist and creator of tessellations, was born in Leeuwarden, Netherlands in 1898. Escher originally wanted to become an architect, but ended up studying graphic art at the School for Architecture and Decorative Arts in Haarlem. Over the years and throughout his travels, he created a number of fascinating landscapes, portraits, and geometric designs, but the work for which he is most famous, his tessellations, were his main preoccupation.

Through his extraordinary creativity and a natural understanding of the mathematics involved, Escher created hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of tessellating shapes in the form of fish, birds, dogs, crabs, insects, horses, humans, and other beasts. Escher's tessellations are the most famous in the world. he sparked a whole form of art and math combined into patterns.

Some of Escher's tessellations are shown below.

Here are some computer generated tessellations.